Don’t Let Those Insurance Benefits Expire!

2017 IS ALMOST OVER, and that means it’s time to talk about dental insurance. Most dental plans don’t let the benefits roll over into the next year if they go unused. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of all your benefits, then now is the time to do so!

Is Your Coverage Compatible?

We are in-network provider for Northeast Delta Dental Premier Plan, Cigna Dental PPO, BlueCross Blue Shields of MA, Aetna, Guardian, The Principal and Anthem BCBS Grid+. Please ask our office Manager Dean if your particular dental benefit plan falls under an umbrella of the plans we participate with. Dean is responsible for contacting your dental insurance and obtaining your insurance breakdown. Once all your insurance information are entered into our system, all claims are sent electronically to the insurance company.

Commonly Covered Procedures

Type I (Preventative) covers exams, dental radiographs, and dental cleanings. Type II (Basic) covers fillings, root canals, extractions, and Scaling and Root Planning. Type III (Major) covers crown and bridge work, dentures, dental implants.

Night guards and occlusal splints often are needed but not always a covered procedure based on the policy that your employer selected when purchasing a dental benefit plan.

Orthodontics (braces) are a category of its own. Some may or may not include orthodontic coverage. When they do cover, the age limit is usually up to age 19. On some policies, orthodontic coverage may include above 19 years of age. Orthodontic benefit when available is to be used only once in a lifetime.

Dean will advise you if a particular treatment you need is covered or not prior to the appointment.

What To Do Before The Year Ends

Patients below 26 years of age and who are covered under their parent’s dental plan should complete their proposed dental treatment before they reach their 26th birthday so as not to lose any benefits that would no longer apply when they reach age 26. Yearly maximum dental benefits are normally set for the calendar year but some may be set for a fiscal year like a school year. Make sure that you use up your unused benefits before the year ends especially if there are pending recommended dental treatments. For the majority of dental plans, benefits don’t roll over the following year, leaving unused benefits (money) back to the insurance company that you paid monthly premiums to.

We Can’t Wait To See You!

We’re always looking out for our patients and want to make sure you’re taking the fullest advantage of your benefits! If you have any questions regarding dental insurance, stop by or call us today and we can help!

The greatest benefits are to your dental health!

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