Dental Implants Look, Feel, And Function Like Real Teeth

IF YOU’RE MISSING A TOOTH, OR SEVERAL TEETH, we want you to know there are remarkable replacement options. One reliable, natural looking option to consider is dental implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth “roots”—usually made of titanium—that are placed in your jawbone and covered by a natural looking tooth replacement.

Implants Can Improve Your Appearance And Comfort

Tooth loss can often lead to bone deterioration in the jaw, which can give your face a sunken appearance. Dental implants can help keep your bone and facial structure intact—so you can look and feel your best.

Because they replace the whole tooth—starting at the root—dental implants also look, feel, and function like real teeth. You’ll feel natural and comfortable when smiling, speaking, and eating. The only thing people will notice when you smile is your smile!

Why Are Implants Be Better Than Other Teeth Replacement Options?

When restoring a missing tooth between two teeth, these adjacent teeth are normally cut down to support a bridge restoration. With dental implants, unnecessary cutting down of tooth enamel is eliminated as implants are not dependent on the adjacent teeth for support. Therefore, dental implants are the more conservative treatment option for restoring missing teeth. Dental implants are also the best option in retaining dentures when there is not enough bone to keep them in place where denture adhesives fail.

What Can A Patient Expect During The Treatment?

Since bone have no nerve endings, there is minimal discomfort post-operation in the placement of dental implants in the jaw bone by the oral surgeon. Typically, it takes a few months for bone to integrate around the implant before the implant is solid enough for a crown to be inserted on top of the implant. You are referred back to our office for us to fit the crown on the implant and then we cement it in place.

Implants Help Keep Your Smile Healthy

Neighboring teeth are not altered or damaged when implants are placed. In fact, implants can help preserve the structure and positioning of your teeth.

Implants also make it easier to maintain the brightness and beauty of your smile. Because they function like a real tooth, implants don’t complicate oral hygiene. You can continue to practice the same great care you always do while brushing and flossing.

Modern Implant Dentistry Has Made These Treatments Simple & Very Effective

There Are Many Different Types Of Implant Treatments

Selecting the ideal treatment method is very important. Here are a few simple illustrations that reference some of these treatment methods. When we visit together, we’ll be sure that you understand everything. You can count us us to help determine what the best course of action will be for you.

Dental Implants Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

If you’re hiding your smile because of a missing tooth (or teeth), stop! Dental implants are a permanent solution and can have a positive impact on your appearance, comfort, and health. They can help give you the confidence you need to smile proudly! So, what are you waiting for?

Call us today and we’ll walk you through the dental implant process, start to finish, and answer any questions you may have.

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